MECA Events Calendar

2020 Events

4-7 NRECA Directors Conference, Kansas City, MO 
7-8 MECA Spring Board Meeting, Great Falls, MT 
15-17 NRECA Safety Leadership Summit, Orlando, FL
22 Incident Investigation Course, Great Falls, MT
23 Reasonable Suspicion Training, Great Falls, MT 
27- May 1 NRECA Cooperative University, Kansas City, MO 
5-6 MECA Line Superintendents Group Spring Meeting, Lewistown, MT
6 Financials for the Non-Financial, Kalispell, MT 
7 Credit Issues and Collections, Kalispell, MT 
12-14 NRECA CONNECT Conference, Denver, CO
19-21 MECA Office Managers & Accountants Group Meeting, Sidney, MT
2  Montana's Primary Election
9-10 Retirement Planning Seminar, Billings, MT 
22-23 MECA Managers' Group Summer Meeting, Ennis, MT
19-26 Youth to Washington Tour, Washington, DC
7 BGC 974.1: Rate Making Strategies and Policy Decisions, Havre, MT
8-9 MECA Summer Board Meeting, Havre, MT
28 723.1 Team Dynamics – Your “Natural” Approach, Great Falls, MT 
29-30 781.2 Technology Planning, Decision Making and Leadership: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness, Great Falls, MT
14-17 MECA Operations Conference, Great Falls, MT
21-23 NRECA PowerUp Conference, Savannah, GA
5 BGC 975.1: Capital Credits, Great Falls, MT 
5-7 MECA Annual Meeting of Members, Great Falls, MT
3 Montana's General Election
1-2 MECA Winter Board Meeting, Great Falls, MT