This training will be offered online on Thursday, June 1, 2023.


Do you ever find yourself interacting with a colleague where you could sense the possibility of sparks flying and were uncertain how to handle it? Conflict is something most people want to avoid, and yet it is a natural part of life. We’ve grown to see conflict as “bad” and learned to either give in or fight to win. When approached skillfully, with integrity, conflict can spark new, innovative thinking and can enhance our working relationships.

Resolving conflict is a critical interpersonal skill that, with practice, can diffuse difficult situations at work. The art of conflict transformation is about engaging with curiosity that facilitates “both-and” thinking and the possibility of win-win solutions. This skill-based training will support you in having authentic conversations that can transform conflict by addressing underlying needs. It is not about a “quick fix”, the “right” words to say, or “techniquing” people in an effort to get them to change their behavior. If you want to learn life-long skills to increase your comfort in dealing with conflict and build more trust and better communication in relationships, this training is for you!


  • Slow down and check out assumptions before they escalate into conflict.
  • Move beyond positional statements to discuss “what’s really going on,” i.e., underlying needs.
  • Feel more grounded when having challenging conversations.
  • Use questions of inquiry to understand others’ perspectives.
  • Generate win-win solutions.

Please note that this course has a cap of 30 participants.

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Director's Course 951.1 Developing Effective Boardroom Decision Making will be held on Tuesday, July 11 in Miles City, MT.


The primary purpose of a board of directors is to make decisions. In today's complex energy industry, effective boardroom decision making is a must. Directors need the tools to assess today's challenges and to determine the best choice for the long-term interests of the cooperative's membership. This course provides directors with the techniques and skills needed to listen, identify issues, engage in constructive discussions and resolve conflicts so that the board can reach satisfactory solutions.


  • Problem identification and the decision-making process.
  • Managing conflict toward a productive outcome.
  • Evaluating recommended solutions and decisions.
  • Recognizing the importance of full participation in board decisions.

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